I’m supposed to have something crisp and witty here. But this blog is about everything and nothing.

I’m just a lady with a perpetual inner monologue that I sometimes write down. Topics include but not limited to: mom life, professional life (it’s so hard!! Why didn’t tell us it was going to be this hard!?!), mid-size fashion things, my homeland: Vermont, and my little family.

I have two daughters, Mavis (2) and Veda (4), and nice husband named Matt.

Mavis was named after the singer, Mavis Staples. Matt took me to see her for our second date. Mavy might look like a little girl, but she is an old man. I often referred to her as OMM (Old Man Mavis.) Her hobbies include judging youths and wearing bonnets.

And Veda, a free spirit, pretty sure she’ll take a gap year between preschool and kindergarten, she said something about moving to Topanga Canyon and becoming a ceramics apprentice. Oh, and she’s a terror at bedtime.

Matt, he’s the best. Seriously, it don’t know what I did to deserve him, but let’s just be cool about it, k?

And finally, I’m a 13th generation Vermonter, it’s a thing with me. We visit there often, my family has a camp (aka a rustic little house on a pond.) There’s no internet or WiFi and that’s just fine by me.

So, that’s it! Oh, that and probably some spelling mistakes. Welcome!