Shoe Edit for Wide Feet – Spring and Summer

Hallelujah! It’s SPRING. Ok, ok, it’s Spring on paper. We hit a high of 41 degrees today, and there’s no end in sight. Woof.

In New England, it’s actually Mud Season. Yup! We get a bonus season here. It’s the bit of time between Winter and Real Spring, which begins now and ends sometime before June 21st, when Most Likely Summer begins. You see, Real Spring begins when it’s damn good and ready. You’ll wake up one morning and BANG! WARMTH.

You gotta be READY. You gotta be PREPARED for the quick season switch. That means my L.L. Bean duck boots are still out, AND I have also broken out the sandals. Me and my wide feet are ready for action!

These are my favorites for Spring and Summer. And they are all-day comfortable. And yeah, most of these are clogs because #cloglife. (Also, these are just brands I love, not sponsored, however the Amazon links are affiliated links. And yes, I am very proud of myself for figuring out affiliated links!)

Dankso Reggie in Black Milled Nubuck, $150
I’ve been wearing these for 3 years. They go with EVERYTHING. And the peep toe is low key, so these can work for the office.

Birkenstocks Gizeh in White Patent, $100
If I could have one pair of summer shoes, it would be these. The white patent elevates the traditionally super casual classic Birk. Oh, and Birkenstocks come in Narrow and Regular, you want the Regular for Wide Feet.

Dr. Scholls Loafer in Pony Hair Leopard, $60
Surprisingly high quality for a $60 shoe. I get TONS of compliments on these shoes, and now that IG has taught me animal print is neutral (ish) I am wearing these a lot!

Swedish Hasbeens Mirja in Neon Pink, $210
Neon Pink is not quite how I would describe these. I’d go with “Assertive Bubble Gum.” 🙂 Hasbeens are a status clog, and for good reason. These are beautifully made, meant to last forever. When I first tried them on, I was surprised by how LIGHT these shoes are. Turns out the base is made from lime wood, and now I know that lime wood exists! #themoreyouknow

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