Shoe Edit for Wide Feet – Fall and Winter

Wide feet club, what up!

This is essentially a list of clogs. #cloglife

I thought my feet were hard to fit, and then I had kids. Did you know you get extra feet after pregnancy? Yup. Your body releases a hormone that loosens your joints, preparing your pelvis for the exit of that baby passenger. But joints have a terrible memory, they don’t return to Before Children (BC) proportions. And wouldn’t you know it, feet have A LOT of joints. Downside, none of your shoes fit. Upside: you get all new shoes!

I’m a size 10/10.5 Wide. Always Wide, no sneaking into a non Wide for me. Before Children, I was 9.5/10 sometimes wide.

Very few brands are like: “Amazing! You have canoe paddles for feet? We have so many choices for you!”

They are more like: “Um, we have our orthopedic collection that everyone hates. Would that work?”


In rebuilding my shoe closet I’ve tried on approx. 197,439 pairs of shoes and the winners are below.

Oh, and I don’t suffer uncomfortable shoes. All these shoes are game for all day walking and standing. I’m also a big believer in clogs as everyday wear.  

Here is my fall/winter shoe edit for wide feets!

Danskos black, $170, these are my go-tos, worth every penny.

Dansko – grey, $170 – of course I bought grey as well. 

Dansko – clog bootie, $150,for clog lovers who want to be a little extra

Naturalizer – grey flannel, $60 I found these after those pink Vince slip ons broke my heart (too narrow!) They are just as cute, and the flannel is a nice texture.

ECCO – sliver sneakers, $80 (I just learned there is a retiree exercise program at the Y called “Sliver Sneakers” so I feel extra cool wearing these!), sliver is a great neutral and these sneaks go with EVERYTHING.

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