A Malutich Family Christmas Card Retrospective

Until I made my own family, Christmas was my least favorite time of the year. Forget the rumors, children of divorce are not rolling around in gifts because they get two Christmases. Ok, well, I did get two Christmases, but, in exchange for things you don’t want to push to the middle of the table. 

Matt and I met in March 2011 and moved in together in November that same year. A joint Christmas card was an inevitable. So we did what any red-blooded American couple in love would do, planned our outfits, had a cocktail and went to JC Penny Portrait Studio.

This started a tradition of including, somehow, our ugly Christmas sweaters in each card. We blew it this year, as you will see below, it just didn’t happen. But, whattaya going to do? 

Christmas cards are part of our story, and I keep them from year to year. Each card and the details of that Christmas cataloged neatly in a yearbook of sorts. It’s a delightful way to walk through our transformation from a pair to a a family. 


One response to “A Malutich Family Christmas Card Retrospective”

  1. Brooke Caputo Avatar

    I cannot way to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you from Mary- Rachel ♥️


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