A Gift Guide for You and Yours

It’s gifting time! PANIC!

Holidays are bonkers, and choosing gifts can be extra bonkers. Shopping for others gives me hives, I don’t want to screw it up! So instead of actually doing my holiday shopping, I’m writing this. #procrastination

Here are a few of my favorite things (wait, that sounds too Oprah)….here are a few things (also some gift-able food and experiences) that I find delightful! (Yup, that description totally rolls right off the tongue.)

L.L.Bean bag $40 – You and your family have a million of these, I know. But let me offer a twist – instead of your last name or monogram customize it with your zip code. When I was broke and living is semi-shady Boston neighborhoods, I would monogram purse-sized Bean bags with my Somerville, and later my East Boston zip. It was super fun juxtaposition of a crisp boat tote and my less-than-fancy zip. But, of course it works with any zip, and who isn’t proud of their neighbs, or the place you were married, engaged, or another special place.

An Emily McDowell Card – $4.50 – A well-chosen card can change someone’s month. Emily McDowell’s cards are inspired, and say the right thing no matter what you are trying to express. Holidays can be tough for some people. Send one of these cards to someone who needs it.

Nudo Adopt $79 –Adopt an olive tree! My siblings and I have gifted my dad this for years.  He gets shipments for fresh-squeezed (that is how it’s made, right??) olive oil all year round. He loves it, and we look like the awesome, thoughtful children we are!

Vermont Country Store Petit Fours $25 – Every year we spring for a box of these perfect little almond cakes covered in chocolate. I say ‘spring’ because you only get 12 in box. It’s basically a dollar a bite….or two dollars a bite if you eat like me. #worthit. We also get the classic, and more affordable Swiss Colony version, but the VCS petit fours are special and always go out of stock before Christmas. Also excellent for a hostess gifts.

Cook’s Country Digital Subscription $35-$80 – Another favorite! Ever notice that random internet recipes fail no matter how meticulous you are? Yeah, it’s not you, not all recipes are tested. Cook’s Country is the definitive place for flawless recipes and techniques. They develop recipes using scientific rigor, so there are no bad results. It is also magazine, if you are into paper and TV show. Instruction is clear, and teaches a solid foundation of good cooking. 

Lewis bag + mallet $25 – Do you have a serious cocktail person on your list? This is a canvas bag and a Thor-like whacking mallet for crushing ice. Seriously, that is all it does and it makes all the difference. Cocktails are next level. Plus, my therapist tells me it’s helpful to whack an inanimate object with a hammer during times of stress.

LeSpecs sunglasses – $69 – Super stylish with a matte finish and slightly oversized look. Oh, and affordable! These are a toe-dip into trendy sun glasses, perfect for someone who wants to have a second pair to keep their Ray Bans company.

A Brian Rand hair cut, Portland, ME – $90 – I almost hesitate to include this one because a few style influencers in Portland, Maine have already caught on to Brian. (Before he left his salon in Boston for Maine, he was no longer accepting new clients, it’s only a matter of time before all of Portland is in his chair.) The guy is good.

I don’t know how he does it. Pretty sure he’s involved in some Robert-Johnson-crossroads-type-scheme. Instead of the devil, it was the ghost of Vidal Sassoon, and, instead of the blues, it was haircuts. He and his business partner/babymama (they are adorable) run this minimalist, one chair shop. He does the hair, she does brows and makeup. Power couple. Power gift. (See what I did there!)

Bonus: The Money to Burn List (Gifts for Yourself or People You REALLY Like)

No. 6 Clogs$290 – For my fellow clogerati members. These are for those truly ready to commit to the clog life. No. 6 is a shop in NYC that has their own line of clogs. (Obviously.) Full disclosure, these and Bryr clogs are on my Christmas list. Bryr clogs are made to order, in a small shop in San Francisco. I covet their peep toe high heels.    

No. 6 clogs 

Hermes scarf $395 – No longer only for lady flight attendants!

Spendy, but these are heirlooms. And scarves are completely underrated, in my humble opinion. I would recommend hitting the store in Boston… you have to buy these in person. They speak to you. I’m not kidding! My favorite way to style it is folded into a triangle and tied around my neck, like the way a cowboy would wear a bandanna.

Zelma Rose ESTERO necklace $225 –  Zelma Rose is fiber art in jewelry form. These statement necklaces are show stoppers, and I’m obsessed. I sprung for a second one in Bone. (My first one was in Golden Ochre.) These and my scarves are my go-to neck wear.

Handy Size Mason Pearson Hairbrush $160 – This is THE hair brush. It will last forever.  I loved mine so much I also bought the travel sized one for well-groomed travel hair!

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